How to Make a Summer Wreath (DIY Video)

Summer’s bounty of beautiful color begs to be featured as home decor. With only a few minutes and some foraged and sourced foliage, you can create a gorgeous seasonal element to warmly welcome every guest that arrives during the warmest months. Crafting it is easier than you think. Start with our oak branch and moss wreath base, then watch our video to learn how to make a summer wreath, DIY style.

Materials Needed

  • Wreath base (watch our video on how to make a wreath base with oak branches and moss)
  • Pruning shears
  • Wire cutter
  • Floral wire, several feet
  • Rosemary, 10 branches or so
  • Flowering thyme with stems, handful
  • Billy balls, 15 or so
  • Sunflowers with stems, flowering, 5 or so
  • Lavender with stems, handful
  • Tree moss, small handful

Watch our above video for a step-by-step demonstration of how to make a beautiful summer wreath in easy steps.

How to Make a Summer Wreath

  1. Decide where you want the top of your summer wreath to be.
  2. Combine a few branches of rosemary and thyme into a bundle. Add a few billy balls, where you’d like a pop of color.
  3. Add some lavender. So fragrant!
  4. Wrap wire around the stems until secure; it should look like a small bouquet.
  5. Clip and tuck wire. Repeat process to create a second bundle.
  6. Combine sunflowers and trim stems to 3-4 inches in length. Add lavender to the sunflower bundle.
  7. Wrap wire around the stems until secure. Clip and tuck wire.
  8. Trim the stem of one large sunflower, leaving 3-4 inches, and set aside.
  9. Place one of the herb bundles on the wreath. Wrap wire around the wreath and stems until secure. Clip and tuck wire.
  10. Place sunflower bundle on the wreath. Wrap wire around the wreath and stems until secure, do not clip wire.
  11. Combine additional sunflowers and add to the wreath. Wrap wire around the wreath and stems until secure.
  12. Combine small sunflower and a billy ball, then add to wreath. Wrap wire around the wreath and stems until secure.
  13. Trim stem of second herb bundle to make sure they are even. Gently tuck the stems of the herb bundle under the sunflower and billy ball bundle. Wrap wire around the wreath and stems until secure. Cut and tuck wire.
  14. Hide any visible wire with tree moss.
  15. Hang at whatever angle works best.
  16. Stand back and marvel at what you’ve created.

Now you’ll have a way to bring summer’s vibrant colors into your home.  You can make different wreaths for each season by adding seasonal flowers, leaves, branches, acorns, and other natural items. See our spring wreath, succulent wreath and fall wreath videos.

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