About Us

Welcome to Wine Country Table, a group of tastemakers from Sonoma County who love to share our passion for cooking, entertaining, eating and wine tasting.

coastal dining table centerpiece on picnic table

Welcome to Wine Country Table from the team at Jordan Winery in Healdsburg. In 2010, we started a blog called The Journey of Jordan to give a behind-the-scenes look at all the little details that go into the running of a culinary-focused winery, from gardening, farming and winemaking, to floral design, cooking and most importantly, fun. After seven years of offering our best tips about food, wine and hospitality, we created Wine Country Table as a dedicated home for sharing ways others can eat, drink and travel with Sonoma style.

We leave the wine geekery to the winemakers. Here, we combine our decades of experience cooking, baking, event planning, home entertaining, eating and drinking into your one-stop shop for the food, wine and travel advice in Sonoma and the surrounding wine country.

Cheers from our table to yours.