How to Make a Colorful Fall Wreath for Your Front Door

Watch our DIY video for a step-by-step demonstration of how to make fall wreaths for your front door this fall using oak tree branches, seeded eucalyptus, Boston ivy and crab apples.

When fall arrives and the grapevines begin to change color, we get a little depressed that harvest is over in Sonoma. There’s nothing better to brighten my day and welcome “shoulder season” guests to Jordan Winery than a beautiful fall outdoor wreath. In this video, I’ll show you how to make a fall wreath for your front door that captures the fall Sonoma style. Start with our oak branch and moss wreath base, and add seeded eucalyptus bunches, a few vines of Boston ivy and three crab apples. This fall outdoor wreath is colorful and hardy, looking beautiful on your front door until the first snow.

fall wreaths for front door how to video
This fall wreath welcomes guests with rustic elegance and gorgeous fall colors.

Materials Needed to Make This Sonoma Fall Wreath for Your Front Door

  1. Wreath base (don’t forget to watch this video on how to make a wreath base with moss and oak branches)
  2. Wire cutter
  3. Pruning shears (optional)
  4. 20-gauge green floral wire
  5. 4. 3 mini skewers (bamboo/wood preferred)
  6. 1-2 bunches of tree moss (Spanish or Old Man’s Beard)
  7. 3 bunches of seeded eucalyptus (about 9 stems)
  8. 3-4 vines of Boston ivy (additional single leaves for filler)
  9. 3 small crab apples or another petit fall fruit, gourd or vegetable.

Watch the video above for a step-by-step demonstration of how to make an elegant fall outdoor wreath for your front door with oak tree branches, moss, seeded eucalyptus, Boston ivy and crab apples. These fall wreath making steps are also written below.

How to Make This Fall Wreath for Your Front Door

  1. Decide where you want the top of your fall outdoor wreath to be, as well as where you want your greenery accents to begin on the fall wreath. If looking at the wreath as a clock, I recommend starting around one o’clock.
  2. Wrap wire around the wreath base until secure, 3-4 times. Work at an angle, clockwise.
  3. Gather three stems of seeded eucalyptus and make a bundle.
  4. Remove bottom leaves to expose longer stems.
  5. Place bundle on top of the wreath and wrap wire around the stems 3-4 times to secure.
  6. Create two more seeded eucalyptus bundles. (Repeat steps 3-5 twice.)
  7. Be sure to arrange each bundle slightly lower on the wreath to continue covering the right side.
  8. Leave floral wire bundle loose and wrapped around the wreath. Do not cut wire yet.
  9. Once one-third of the moss wreath is covered in seeded eucalyptus, remove any unwanted seeded eucalyptus leaves.
  10. Add colorful Boston ivy vines. Tuck each vine gently into the middle of the seeded eucalyptus.
  11. Insert a few larger Boston ivy leaves for variety. These can be tucked between the seeded eucalyptus, or their stems can be tucked under the wire.
  12. Take three small wooden skewers and poke them through the crab apples.
  13. Place the first crab apple skewer toward the bottom of the seeded eucalyptus bundles. Wrap skewer base with floral wire 2-3 times to secure. Repeat with remaining crab apple skewers.
  14. Cover skewer bases with eucalyptus seeds. Wrap with floral wire to secure.
  15. Loop wire and tie off before cutting.
  16. Cut and tuck excess wire.
  17. Fill in any holes with tree moss. Tuck it between the fruit and around the tree branches.
  18. Trim any additional leaves or seeds as desired.
  19. Hang this colorful fall wreath on your front door.

Now you have an elegant fall outdoor wreath that will add a touch of wine country to your home before the Thanksgiving holiday. The wreath should last outdoors for 2-3 weeks if not exposed to frost or rain. You can make these moss wreaths for every season by adding different flowers in spring and summer–see our How to Make a Spring Tulip Wreath video blog–and other natural items or decorations.

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