Wine Bottle Gift Wrapping Idea – Sonoma Style (Video)

Next time you gift a bottle of wine, take a few minutes to make your present that much more personal. A creative touch with elegant wine bottle gift wrapping can make the difference between a normal gift and a “wow!” gift.  My How to Wrap Wine Bottles video demonstration shows you how to make that present pop using a recycled paper grocery bag and a few elegant touches — Sonoma style. The effort takes less than 10 minutes and is very inexpensive. Whether you’re buying wine for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts, this wine bottle gift wrapping idea is sure to impress—just like that bottle of Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon.

toyon berries for wine bottle gift wrapping

How to Wrap a Wine Bottle: The Supplies

• Brown Paper Grocery Bag
• Pruning Shears
• Scissors
Baker’s Twine
• Matches
• Red Magic Marker
Burlap Gift Tag
• Toyon Berries
• Water in Pan
• Bottle of Jordan Cabernet

how to wrap wine bottles, gift wrapping with paper grocery bag

Wine Bottle Gift Wrapping: The Steps

1. Cut out bottom of brown paper grocery bag and discard, along with its handles
2. Fold bag back to original shape
3. Roll bag
4. Burn top edge of bag
5. Put out flames in water
6. Unfold bag
7. Place wine bottle about 1 inch from bottom edge (make sure bag logo is facing up)
8. Roll into a cylinder
9. Fold edges into bottom of wine bottle
10. Fold tightly (use hot glue or tape if it doesn’t stay folded)
11. Gather paper at neck of wine bottle
12. Tie baker’s twine around neck of wine bottle
13. Tie a double knot
14. Wrap twine around neck of bottle
15. Make gift tag
16. Attach gift tag
17. Wrap and tuck extra string
18. Add Toyon Berry branch
19. Tuck branch underneath twine
20. Add Spanish moss (optional)

We hope you see how easy it is to gift wrap a special wine bottle for your friends and family. For another DIY gift wrapping idea, watch our video on Elegant Valentine’s Day Gift Wrapping.

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