Elegant Valentine’s Day Gift Wrapping Ideas for Wine & Chocolates

Silk scarves turn one gift into two

How you wrap a Valentine’s Day gift can be just as thoughtful as the gift itself–or even more so with a little creativity. In this video, I’ll show you how to use scarves for gift wrapping presents, whether giving your loved one chocolates or even a bottle of wine. A scarf wrap looks more elegant than paper and is less wasteful than wrapping with paper–and you get bonus points for giving two gifts in one. And these ideas are relevant year-around. Using scarves to wrap two bottles of wine also makes for a fun way to transport wines to restaurants or house parties.

The silk scarf used to wrap the square box of chocolates is available for $38 from Nordstrom.com; it’s a 44-inch square, which works really well for various square chocolate gift boxes. Bloomingdales.com has an array of silk and wool designer scarves priced from $100. For chocolates gift boxes, we recommend San Francisco-based Recchiuti or Richart of Paris, both of which have some lovely options in the $40 range. Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut chocolates are also an affordable luxury at $16.

When making a wine bottle wrap, Bordeaux-style bottles, like those used for Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon and other medium- to full-bodied red wines, are easiest to wrap because they have higher shoulders. It’s also important to use a fabric another than silk due to the weight of the bottles. A pashmina style, like the Jones pink or Collection XIIX paisley from Macys.com, will work beautifully for under $40. Next time you’re out shopping for wrapping paper, just pick up a few scarves instead and keep them stored at home until it’s time to wrap that next wine bottle or gift box.

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