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Four Unexpected Wine and Caviar Pairings That Work

Champagne and caviar. It’s a pairing as romantic as Romeo and Juliet, as classic as spaghetti with meatballs, and as passionate as chocolates and roses. But rules are meant to be broken. So what wine should you drink with caviar? As palates have become even more sophisticated over the ages, new wine pairings for caviar have evolved. The dainty fish eggs are increasingly a canvas for elevated flavors, especially Tsar Nicoulai Caviar’s gourmet infused roes—whitefish with beet and saffron, ginger, or truffles. Since roe are uncured eggs, they’re delicately briny but not at all salty, and deliver a thrilling new flavor sensation when kissed with other natural ingredients. Some caviars and roes soar when savored with unexpected sips like Jordan Chardonnay and Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon.

Try these four modern wine pairings with gourmet infused roe and see if your taste buds don’t agree. Surprise your sweetheart with a caviar and wine tasting at home featuring decadent roes from Jordan’s Caviar Sampler Gift Set. It’s the ultimate way to start a romantic date night.

Four Wine Pairings with Gourmet Roe Caviar

Four Unexpected Wine and Caviar Pairings That Work Beet Saffron Roe Aged Cabernet Sauvignon WEB SIZE-2725

Beet-Saffron Roe and Younger Cabernet Sauvignon

Glittering like tiny ruby red jewels, this fine-grained roe offers subtle notes of earthy root vegetable and floral herb. It’s an excellent partner to the elegant cherry, raspberry and dried herb nuances of a young, yet elegant cabernet sauvignon with extended aging in French oak barrels, such as Jordan’s 2017 vintage. Try the beet-saffron caviar with this delicious soba noodles recipe for an extra hint of earthiness.

Four Unexpected Wine and Caviar Pairings That Work Ginger Roe Elegant Chardonnay WEB SIZE-2716

Ginger Roe and French-Inspired Wines

Crafted with fresh Hawaiian ginger, this piquant, golden-orange, slightly spicy roe sparkles on the tongue. The whisper of tingling heat contrasts beautifully with the creamy notes of a round, Burgundy-style Chardonnay, such as Jordan’s 2019 vintage of chardonnay. (It’s important to choose a Chardonnay that does not have pronounced toasted oak and buttery flavors.) Another beautiful and rather surprising pairing is an aged 2015 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon, which brings a long and integrated pairing. The wine’s silky tannins mellow the spice of the roe. Also try garnishing slightly sweeter dishes with this ginger roe for a delicious contrast of flavors.

Four Unexpected Wine and Caviar Pairings That Work Truffle Roe Young Cabernet Sauvignon WEB SIZE-2729

Truffle Roe and Library Cabernet Sauvignon

The deep, golden-brown tones come from a touch of natural vegetable juice, complementing the lush taste and aroma of Italian white truffle. The roe embraces the rich mouthfeel of an older cabernet sauvignon, made in a balanced style with smooth tannins, higher acidity and lower alcohol. The 2015 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon has a subtle forest note interwoven with bold black cherry and blackberry flavors, which highlights the earthiness in the truffle. Old World-style vintages from California producers or reds from classic Bordeaux houses also complement white truffle’s alluring muskiness.

oysters with salmon roe on white marble plate next to bottle of chardonnay

Trout Roe and Library Chardonnay

This small, beautifully orange trout roe has hints of tropical notes in the palate that complement the creaminess and crisp acidity in an elegant library chardonnay such as the 2015 Jordan Chardonnay. The subtle oak in this aged chardonnay mellows the salinity of the roe creating a long and luscious layer of flavors. This pairing makes a Chablis-like chardonnay even more brilliant.

Experience a luxurious caviar service at home with Jordan’s Caviar Sampler Gift Set that includes the four gourmet roes featured above, the Jordan Chef’s Reserve Caviar, blinis and crème fraîche from Tsar Nicoulai for a complete culinary journey. Enjoy shipping included for this special gift set.

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