three ahi poke recipes with glasses of Chardonnay

Authentic Hawaiian Poke with these Delicious Tuna Poke Bowl Recipes

The ubiquitous Hawaiian dish, poke, blends fresh cubed fish with layers of rich, savory flavors for a delicious, healthy bite. Growing up in Hawaii, I ate ahi poke as a daily snack the same way kids on the mainland ate bags of chips, and for many years, I had to return to the island of Oahu to get my tuna poke bowl fix. Those days are long gone. Authentic Hawaiian poke has become very popular on the mainland in recent years, as chefs look for new heritage foods to showcase from different cultures, especially those that celebrate the freshest ingredients available. Poke staples, such as seaweed, specialty soy sauces, artisan rice vinegars and oils, are also easier than ever for the average U.S. consumer to access online. Because the traditional tuna poke bowl recipe is incredibly easy to customize, I’ve been experimenting with ways to reinvent this Hawaiian classic, adding wine country flair. From vegetarian poke to tomato-quinoa poke, these five poke bowl recipe ideas elevate the island classic with Sonoma style.

Delicious Tuna Poke Bowl Recipe Ideas

Wine Country Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl with Tomatoes
Wine Country Ahi Poke with Heirloom Tomatoes and Nasturtium Flowers

Wine Country Ahi Poke Recipe

Heirloom tomatoes, red quinoa, and bronze fennel bring a Sonoma wine country twist in this ahi tuna poke bowl recipe, which pairs beautifully with a young Jordan Chardonnay. This tuna poke is uniquely refreshing with tamari-marinated ahi, which has notes of ginger, garlic, toasted sesame, honey, and sun-dried chili flakes. The quinoa brings a nice textural crunch, while the acidity in the tomatoes contrasts with the fatty fish.

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Kahuku Oahu Hawaiian Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl Recipe
The most authentic Hawaiian poke recipe with the introduction of chili pepper water.

Kahuku Oahu Ahi Poke Recipe

Inspired by the islands, this Kahuku Oahu ahi poke is the most authentic Hawaiian poke of all my recipes, but I introduce a distinct chili pepper water to bring salt and acid to balance the rich, fresh ahi and sweet corn notes of this poke. Thinly sliced Maui onion, creamy avocado and macadamia nuts create a delicate contrasting texture, making this ahi poke recipe a go-to when looking for a subtle twist on the classic.

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Authentic Tuna Poke Bowl Recipe from Jordan Winery
This poke bowl recipe combines the flavors of wine country and Hawaii.

Jordan Estate Ahi Poke Bowl Recipe

This ahi tuna poke bowl celebrates the flavors of Jordan Estate, using unexpected ingredients such as wild purslane, pickled green coriander seeds and Jordan Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Fresh and bright, with herbal and floral notes, this recipe is perfect for a spring wine tasting.

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Non-Traditional Poke Bowl Ideas

Vegetarian Poke Salad Recipe ideas with Beets and Tomatoes
A colorful vegetarian poke salad made with beets.

Beet Poke Recipe (The Ultimate Vegetarian Poke Bowl)

Sweet earthy beets combine with toasted hazelnuts, the caramel flavors of black garlic, and floral chamomile flowers to bring an inviting, meat-free twist on the authentic Hawaiian poke bowl. The rich flavor and firm texture of the beets allow this vegetarian poke recipe to retain the cube-like appearance of poke without the fish. The addition of toasted hazelnuts and earthy black garlic allow this vegetarian poke to stand up to an elegant red wine, such as Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon, but also pairs nicely with a lighter-style of Chardonnay.

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Jordan Winery Sonoma Coast Abalone Poke Recipe - an Alternative to the Tuna Poke Bowl
Sonoma Coast Abalone Poke served on the shell.

Sonoma Coast Abalone Poke Recipe

An elegant nod to the Sonoma Coast, this unexpected take on tuna poke combines the sweet abalone—a marine snail with a firm texture found in the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean—with bright apples, briny sea beans and olives. This salty-sweet poke has less richness than a traditional ahi poke, but brighter flavors to help the dish pair with a variety of crisp white wines, from sauvignon blanc to albariño to Chablis or a light chardonnay.

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