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Meals That Go with Red Wine: Steak & Cabernet Sauvignon

We all know the adage “red wine with red meat.” There’s nothing quite as decadent, or easily paired, as a succulent steak with a glass of your favorite red wine. But there is a subtlety in food and wine pairings, especially when you consider everything else on the plate. Not all wines work well with all sides. A wine’s tannins, acid and alcohol levels play an integral part in becoming the cozy complement to a menu. To make conquering this challenge easier, we have put together four meals that go with red wine, with steak as the star. In this post, we focus on cabernet sauvignon as the red wine of choice and we’re offering recipes ranging from Asian flavors to fresh veggie sides to easy dry rubs. One of these meals definitely belongs on your table.

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Four Meals That Go with Red Wine

close up of Jordan Winery strip steak on sushi rice with mushroom

Beef Nigiri with Wild Mushrooms and Grilled New York Steak

This is the ultimate beef sushi recipe for cabernet sauvignon lovers. Over the past few years, we’ve experimented with different cuts of steak on sushi rice to create the ideal pairing, and New York strip won the contest. The cooking method for the steak definitely plays a part too. Grilling adds bitter elements to food, playing off of the tannins and acid in a softer cabernet like Jordan. We also use less acidic vinegar for the sushi rice, such as apple or sherry, that better complements the wine’s acidity.

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Jordan Winery Hangar Steak with Asparagus Salad on plate

Hanger Steak with Asparagus Salad

Given its bold personality, the way some cabernets are crafted can mask a delicate dish like this one. But a lower-alcohol, balanced version can shine. Hanger steak (or Onglet) is the most prized of the “Butcher Cuts.” It is wonderfully rich with fat and very flavorful, making it part of a fantastic meal that goes with red wine. As part of this light and healthy recipe, the steak is served over a bright salad of tender asparagus from our garden. If you want to amp up the red wine pairing even more, try smoking or plank roasting the meat, which brings in elements of the oak in the wine.

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jordan winery close up of skirt steak with fingerling potatoes on blue plate with arugula

Skirt Steak with Dry Rub, Fingerling Potatoes and Arugula Salad

Choosing the right recipe and ingredients are crucial for pairing with the King of Red Wine. These meals that go with red wine features skirt steak with a peppery dry rub – the smoky ancho chili powder adding a powerful, savory flavor. While spicy foods can sometimes be difficult to pair with red wine, a balanced, lower-tannin style is up to the task. We serve the steak with a side of herb-roasted fingerling potatoes that bring out the earthiness in our cabernet. Not to be forgotten, the fresh and slightly bitter arugula salad cuts through the richness of this bistro cut. A simple, yet delicious meal for any time.

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Jordan Winery Wagyu Steak with Heirloom Tomato and Corn Pudding on blue plate with utensils

Wagyu Steak with Heirloom Tomato and True Corn Pudding

The ultimate luxurious yet simple summer supper. Wagyu (pronounced wah-gyoo) steak is a transcendently tender, fatty, umami-rich cut of beef that has become in league with decadent caviar and black truffles. The trademark marbling comes from a particular breed of Japanese steer. Given the inherent fat levels in this type of beef, it’s a natural friend to the tannins in cabernet sauvignon. To make this meal that pairs perfectly with red wine, we quickly grill the steak, toss tomatoes with herbs and Jordan’s extra virgin olive oil, and make a quick corn pudding that complements the wine with its creaminess. Delicious.

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