chocolate spiderwebs on a plate with a decorative fake spider

Halloween Treats for Adults: Chocolate Spiderwebs

Pamper your friends with Halloween candy that goes beyond factory chocolates like Hershey’s and Reese’s. Our Decorative Chocolate Swirls recipe is easily modified into delicious, easy Halloween treats for adults. All you have to do is use Valrhona Ivoire white chocolate discs instead of dark, swirl the chocolate into webs instead of the artistic, free-form swirls in my video. All other steps in the recipe are the same. Top with orange sprinkles for a pop of holiday color. Happy Halloween.

Halloween Treats for Adults: Chocolate Spiderwebs

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chocolate spiderwebs, Halloween treats for adults
Valrhona White Chocolate Spiderwebs are an easy but decadent Halloween treat for adults.
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