How to Make Mini Apple Pies and Mini Cranberry Streusel Pies

Includes dessert presentation ideas and tips

Though my How to Make Flaky Apple Pie Crust video tutorial is one of our most viewed on Youtube, I often prefer making mini pies. They take the same amount of work, the bake time is less and presentation is more elegant. This video teaches you how to make mini apple pies and mini cranberry streusel pies for festive individual serving dessert during family gatherings. These simple desserts can be made the night before and make guests feel extra special at the Thanksgiving or holiday dinner table.

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About the Author

A native Sonoma County resident, Cristina grew up with a large family in Healdsburg. She developed a love for baking as a young girl and graduated from the Culinary Institute of America's baking and pastry arts program. Cristina works part-time in the Jordan Winery kitchen, making desserts and prepping for culinary events. She’s become known for her recipe tutorial videos, which have a few million views on YouTube. During breaks from baking in Healdsburg, she and her husband spent several years volunteering on non-profit construction projects in the U.S. and Africa.