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How to Fly to Napa Sonoma Wine Country: Santa Rosa Airport

Flights to Sonoma County let you spend less time driving, more time tasting

Most people who visit us here in Sonoma County and Napa Valley wine country fly into San Francisco or Oakland, then make the nearly two-hour drive up Highway 101. But did you know that you can now fly directly into wine country from many U.S. cities via Santa Rosa Airport? It’s true! Instead of fighting traffic for hours during peak times, you could land at the charming Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport (airport code STS)—named for the famous “Peanuts” creator who called the city home—and be just a 15-minute Uber ride from downtown Healdsburg or 45 minutes to Napa Valley. So why drive to wine country when you can fly?

Commercial Airlines That Fly to Napa Sonoma Wine Country

The following airlines offer service to Santa Rosa Airport, Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport (STS).

Alaska Airlines

Beginning in 2007, Alaska was the first commercial airline to serve Santa Rosa Airport since the fall of 2001. (The other carriers listed here added service in 2017 and expanded routes in 2018 and 2019.) Direct flights on Alaska Airlines are available to Santa Rosa, the largest city in Sonoma wine country, from the following cities:

  • Orange County
  • Portland
  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego
  • Seattle

As a bonus, Alaska Airlines’ “Wine Flies Free” program lets you take home up to one case (12 bottles) of wine as part of your free luggage allowance—as long as it’s packed in a protective shipping container. (Wine shippers are available at many local wineries and mailbox/shipping stores.) Just enter your mileage program number when you make your flight reservation, and the program activates automatically.

American Airlines

American Airlines now offers nonstop flights between Santa Rosa Airport and three major cities. As of June 2019, American nonstop flights to and from Napa Sonoma wine country include:

  • Dallas
  • Los Angeles
  • Phoenix

American’s Dallas to Napa Sonoma Wine Country direct flight means that now you can fly from Orlando to Napa Sonoma with one stop at DFW Airport in Dallas. If you’re flying from MIA Airport in Miami to Napa Sonoma Wine Country, simply connect in Dallas, Los Angeles or Phoenix and arrive directly into Santa Rosa Airport. To fly from JFK airport in New York or ORD in Chicago to Napa Sonoma, you can also connect in Dallas, Los Angeles and Phoenix, which might seem out of the way, but the connecting flight layovers (as of summer 2019) were very reasonable at 1-2 hours. That’s shorter than the drive time from San Francisco.

United Airlines

United Airlines began flying to Santa Rosa Airport again in 2017, with short shuttle flights to its San Francisco hub. In March 2019, nonstop flights to its Denver hub were added, making it much easier to fly from the East Coast to Napa Sonoma wine country. Nonstop flights are offered to and from:

  • Denver
  • San Francisco

With the new Denver to Napa Sonoma Wine Country direct flight means that now you can fly from Houston to Napa/Sonoma and Orlando to Napa Sonoma with one connection in Denver. (Flights from Houston to San Francisco with a short connection to Santa Rosa also exist.) There are also flights from Chicago to Napa Sonoma Wine Country with one connection in Denver. If you live in New York or New Jersey, flights also connect in Denver, so you can fly to Wine Country with only one stop. (Flight schedules checked in summer 2019 for Orlando, Chicago and New York/Newark New Jersey all had connecting time in Denver of one hour to 90 minutes, so the layovers were not too shabby.)

Sun Country Airlines

Minnesota-based Sun Country Airlines flies seasonal routes to Santa Rosa Airport. These nonstop flights are typically only offered during summer months and into fall. Fly to Napa Sonoma wine country with Sun Country direct to and from:

  • Minneapolis – Saint Paul
  • Las Vegas

Don’t live near one of the cities listed above? You can still book a connecting flight to Santa Rosa Airport STS from many additional airports throughout the country (check with the airlines serving STS for availability).

Just think of all the extra time you’ll be able to spend sampling Napa and Sonoma’s fabulous wines, exploring farm-to-table restaurants and admiring the region’s majestic redwoods. Your wine country adventure is closer than you think. Start researching wine tastings with food pairings for your travel itinerary today.

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    Of course we will now fly from Houston through Denver to STS on United. Why? Because when we land in California, we will be 30 minutes from Jordan instead of 2 1/2 hours!!!

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