Big Bottle Party Infographic made by Jordan Winery

Big Bottle Party Planner Infographic: How to Calculate Wine for a Party

Next time you’re invited to a party or planning your own wine tasting party, go big. Big bottles of wine, from a magnum bottle to a melchior bottle, are not only showy and exciting to share, they also age longer, slower and arguably better than standard-size bottles. Our Big Bottle Planner infographic is a handy guide and calculator to help you determine how many big bottles can be poured in lieu of standard 750mL, and which wine bottle size is best for the total number of guests at your party. This guide also helps with planning how much wine for 20 guests to well over 100 guests. We also created a how-to video on the Jordan Winery blog, offering advice and tips for buying and serving big bottles of wine.

Download Big Bottle Party Planner for Wine Party Calculations

Jordan Winery has been making and serving big bottles since the 1970s so please feel free to leave a comment if you have any serving questions.

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