How to Make a Branch Wreath with Oak and Moss

Branch wreaths made of twigs and other bits of natural ephemera have been decorating front doors for centuries. The wreath’s circular shape symbolizes perfection, unity, timelessness and also the warmth of the sun. Evergreen versions are especially common at Christmas time, adorned with red berries and bows, but you don’t have to wait for Santa Claus to hang a beautiful wreath on your front door. A natural branch wreath with moss is an easy yet elegant accent to celebrate all four seasons and many holidays.

The video above illustrates how to make a branch wreath base, using oak clippings and moss, that can be dressed up in different ways. These ingredients make a suitable base for any type of DIY branch wreath you are dreaming of. Flowers, leaves, and other seasonal clippings can turn a basic moss wreath into a celebration of spring, summer, fall or winter. Usnea, commonly known as “old man’s beard”, is a long, lacy, gray-green lichen that grows on the tree branches across Jordan Winery’s 1,200-acre estate, so we forage it often for use in table décor and floral arrangements.

Here’s a simple, step-by-step demonstration of how to make a moss wreath.

Materials for Making a Branch Wreath Base with Moss and Oak

  1. Wreath frame
  2. Wire
  3. Wire cutter
  4. Moss
  5. Oak branches

Instructions for Our DIY Wreath Base

  1. Lay oak branches and moss on the wreath frame. (Tip: choose oak branches that curve to the shape of the wreath frame.)
  2. Secure the oak branches and moss to the frame with wire.
  3. Wrap the wire around the moss and oak branches to hide the wreath frame.
  4. Attach a second wire to the first and repeat this step, adding branches and moss and securing them with wire to completely hide the frame.
  5. Attach interesting branch pieces to the frame, laying them all in the same direction, and secure them with more wire.

Now you have an oak and moss wreath base that you can turn into a beautiful, seasonal wreath by adding flowers, leaves, branches, acorns, and other natural items or decorations. It’s the perfect DIY wreath base for any season.

Add a seasonal touch to this base wreath with our other videos:

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    • rubi
    • October 12, 2021

    wont the moss become dry and brittle making a mess everywhere? does it not require it to be preserved for use in crafts?

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