Flower Arranging Tips Video: Wine Country Floral Arrangement Ideas for Home

Give the gift of a homemade bouquet of flowers and tree leaves for Mother's Day, birthdays and more

Looking for floral arrangement ideas for home or a homemade gift that is both thoughtful and easy? Don’t be intimidated by fancy flowers and floral design. You can make a beautiful bouquet yourself with this quick flower arranging tips demonstration video and floral shopping list. Beautiful flowers make any special occasion memorable, from Mother’s Day, anniversaries and birthdays to the day you say, “I do.” (Yes, I did make my own wedding bouquet.)

I source my flowers from the Jordan garden and surrounding trees, but sometimes purchase locally from Sequoia Floral. Incorporating natural tree branches and moss into floral arrangements adds a rustic, yet elegant touch–and saves money. You’ll also need a few simple tools. If you don’t have time to visit your local Michael’s, Amazon is also a great source for floral design supplies.

Jordan Estate Garden Floral Arrangement

Shopping List


3 Red Peonies
3 Pink Peonies
3 Lilac Stems
3 David Austin Roses
4-6 Poppy Pods
3 Oak Branches
4 Olive Branches
Spanish Moss


Stem Stripper
Floral Tape
Pruning Clippers
Jute Ribbon
Corsage Pins


Don’t forget Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon to celebrate that special occasion.

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About the Author

As one of eight children, Nitsa Knoll doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t helping host parties for her Greek family in Southern California. She naturally gravitated toward planning beautiful events with bold colors and flowers as focal points. Today, she spends her days overseeing events and hospitality at Jordan Winery, where she works alongside her husband, Todd Knoll. With an eye for design, her creative mind is constantly at work, planning the next dinner party or designing a new floral arrangement. She finds constant inspiration from the trees and flowers growing at Jordan Estate and throughout Sonoma County.