A close-up of eucalyptus pods painted silver to look like jingle bells in a holiday centerpiece.

Christmas Table Decorations: Jingle Bells Flower Arrangement Idea

Make Christmas flower arrangements more festive with eucalyptus pod jingle bells

The towering oak trees of Jordan Estate–with their evergreen foliage and swaying moss–are often inspiration for my Christmas table decorations. This festive flower arrangement idea brings an elegant hint of Christmas and a touch of California wine country to your dining room table during the winter months.

Christmas Table Decorations: Eucalyptus Pods Jingle Bells Flower Arrangement

The natural beauty of the floral centerpiece’s red clovers, acorns, Hypericum berries and eucalyptus pods–the latter painted silver to create a natural cluster of jingle bells–all say December without shouting Santa Claus. The acorns were a staple food source for the Pomo Indians (Sonoma natives), and I use them in the Jordan dining room as a symbol of our hospitality.  This Christmas flower arrangement also includes seeded eucalyptus (both green and silver-painted), white hydrangea, white roses, lemon leaves and green hypericum berries. You may also want to sprinkle a few votives around the centerpiece to set the mood; those pictured are vintage Rosenthal egg cups from my home. This centerpiece’s wood box container was purchased from Sequoia Floral in Santa Rosa, California. This tablescape was also featured today in “Gather Around These Inviting Wine Country Tables” on California Home + Design’s website.

Christmas Table Decorations: Eucalyptus Pods Jingle Bells Flower Arrangement

Christmas Table Place Setting Idea: Eucalyptus Pods Jingle Bells With Clothes Pin

To create a seamless theme for the table, I incorporated different portions of the flower arrangement centerpiece into Christmasy place settings at each seat—a sprig of red clover, a string of silver-painted eucalyptus pods as “jingle bells,” an acorn cluster–to accent each napkin. Surprise your guests by writing their names on a clothes pin at each place setting.

Christmas Table Place Setting Idea: Eucalyptus Pods Jingle Bells With Clothes Pin

I hope these photos inspire you to create your own Christmas table decorations and winter flower arrangements with eucalyptus pods as jingle bells. If you have any questions about floral design or event decorations, please feel free to leave a comment. Happy holidays!

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As one of eight children, Nitsa Knoll doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t helping host parties for her Greek family in Southern California. She naturally gravitated toward planning beautiful events with bold colors and flowers as focal points. Today, she spends her days overseeing events and hospitality at Jordan Winery, where she works alongside her husband, Todd Knoll. With an eye for design, her creative mind is constantly at work, planning the next dinner party or designing a new floral arrangement. She finds constant inspiration from the trees and flowers growing at Jordan Estate and throughout Sonoma County.

    • Christensen @ Flowerhub
    • July 3, 2019

    Hi Nitsa. I love these floral arrangements, very unique and it really matches the Christmas occasion. If I were in that place, it seems that I don’t need an appetizer. LOL. The floral arrangements send positive ambience. Thanks for this post.

    • Kelsey
    • December 17, 2018

    What a fantastic idea! and it turned out so beautiful, festive whilst still very tasteful and sophisticated.

      • Nitsa Knoll
      • December 17, 2018

      Thank you so much for taking the time to send a kind message. I love the holidays and really enjoy making them as festive as possible. Happy Holidays!!!

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