Wine Making Process Video: One Year at a Vineyard and Winery

Here’s a month-by-month look at the wine making process and what happens behind the scenes at a winery during winter, spring, summer and fall–from the lifecycle of the grapevine to the winemaking techniques that prepare young wines to be released to customers.

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About the Author

Born and raised in rural Kansas, Lisa Mattson fell in love with wine during college in South Florida and worked for a wine magazine before moving to Northern California. She spent almost a decade working as a writer, marketing director and photographer/videographer for Jordan Winery and now serves as a hospitality design and marketing consultant for several wineries, including Jordan. She also designs succulent gardens under the name Sonoma Succulents. When she’s not eating and sipping her way through Sonoma County in the summer and Baja California Sur in the winter, she travels the world with her husband in search of new succulents, ethnic foods, snorkeling spots and tiki bars.