truffle butter sprinkled with sea salt on black plate

How to Make Truffle Butter: A Step-by-Step Video Recipe

Truffle butter, a darling of haute cuisine restaurants, might seem like one of those unreachable luxuries for the average home cook. Think again. Our truffle butter video demonstration below is easily realized with a little bit of patience and fresh ingredients. And with the welcomed explosion of online grocery shopping, gaining access to this prized ectomycorrhizal mushroom has never been easier. This fabulous fungus possesses the power of flavor transformation, creating masterpieces out of risotto, pasta, grilled vegetables and improving pretty much any food that it touches, including good ‘ole fashioned bread. My favorite treat is dropping a pat of homemade truffle butter on a sizzling steak, straight off the grill, and then pairing it with Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon. So check out our simple, step-by-step video demonstration below on how to make truffle butter in your kitchen.

How to Make Truffle Butter

A key piece of wisdom in making truffle butter is to make sure you use fresh truffles, not the flavored oil, which is often made with chemicals instead of the real thing. These handfuls of flavor are pricey, I admit, but a little bit of this butter goes a long way to lending its deliciousness to anything you put it on. Also, for this recipe, we use a Spinzall but a standing mixer or food processor also works quite just fine. You can find this recipe, plus many other mushroom-based recipes like Morel Mushroom Compound Butter on our website.

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