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The Essential Wine Lover’s Gift Guide: Cool Gift Ideas Besides Wine

Think outside the wine aisle this holiday season

Why not make 2018 the year you buy your favorite wine lover something other than a bottle of wine as a gift? After all, cool gift ideas surprise and delight their recipients by showing you put a little more thought into them. Here are some unique wine gifts that will make your gift shopping simpler, whether during the holidays or at any other time of the year. Our recommended cool gift ideas for wine lovers from past years are also included, so keep scrolling for more ideas.

Cool Gift Ideas: Best Wine Gifts 2018

Coravin Model Eleven ($999)

If Coravin is the Ferrari of wine preserving devices, then the company has just debuted its LaFerrari model. Dubbed the Coravin Model Eleven, it’s the world’s first automatic wine preservation system. Unlike previous models, this Coravin extracts wine with the single push of a button. It’s wired with bluetooth as well for all the techies who want to use the Coravin app to create a virtual cellar or find the perfect song to pair with a wine that’s so precious, you don’t dare finish it the first night. Three times the price of the standard Coravin Model Two, the Eleven retails for $999.

Repour wine saver, cool wine gifts
Though not reusable, the Repour wine saver works and costs about $2.50 per stopper.

Repour ($10)

Repour is a new device for helping preserve opened bottles of wine. It’s certainly nowhere near the caliber of a fancy Coravin, but for under $10, it’s a great gift idea for wine lovers who don’t finish the bottle in one night. Four Repours come in one package; not reusable.

Jordan wine barrel corkscrew
The Jordan wine barrel corkscrew comes in a wooden gift box (not pictured).

Wine Barrel Corkscrew ($45)

The perfect gift for a wine lover who loves to reduce, reuse and recycle, the Reclaimed Wine Barrel Waiter’s Corkscrew from Jordan debuted this year. Made in France from French oak barrels that aged Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon, this corkscrew features a double-step system for opening long corks, a five-level screw and a knife for capsule cutting. With recycling, one wine barrel can make around 300 corkscrews. Packaged in a gift box for $45.

Wine Enthusiast Artist Series Decanters
Wine Enthusiast Artist Series Decanters. Silhouette Black Stripe Decanter pictured on left. Photo courtesy of Wine Enthusiast.

Wine Enthusiast Art Series Decanter ($79)

Riedel crystal wine decanters are quite pricey these days, and if you’re a fan of curvy decanters with red stripes that Austrian crystal maker has been flaunting of late, you should check out Wine Enthusiast’s Art Series Silhouette Decanter, graced with a gorgeous black stripe inside. On sale for $79, it’s a beautiful wine gift sure to impress both discerning wine lovers and novices who have been recently bitten by the wine bug.

Dishwasher Safe GoVino wine glasses
Photo courtesy of Govino.

Dishwasher Safe Govinos ($14)

Plastic wine glass maker Govino has finally developed a dishwasher safe stemless glass. This might cut into their profits; I’ve thrown away too many melted Govinos to count. A set of our Govino Dishwasher Safe Flexible Shatterproof Reusable Wine Glass sells for about $14 on Amazon.

Wine Folly Book magnum edition
Photo courtesy of Wine Folly.

Wine Folly The Master Guide ($34)

I’ve been a big fan of Madeline Puckette’s educational wine illustrations since she began blogging about wine almost a decade ago. The Washington State graphic designer-wine lover has since turned her combined passions into the Wine Folly media empire. On her website, you can buy wine maps, posters, tasting journals, placemats and books, of course, including the new Wine Folly Magnum Edition: The Master Guide. Kindle edition retails for just under $20. Hard cover is available for $34.

Wine Country Botanicals sugar scrub
Photo courtesy of Wine Country Botanicals.

Wine Country Botanicals Sugar Scrub ($30)

One of my girlfriends gifted me a jar of this sugar scrub last year, and I’m still hooked. The company makes three collections of beauty products, each with ingredients sourced from a particular wine country, so if your loved one has a soft spot for either Napa, Sonoma or Santa Barbara, you’ll score even more brownie points with a regionally specific wine gift. The sugar scrub base includes shea butter, sugar, four exfoliants, four moisturizers and five essential oils, and then regionally sourced ingredients. I’m a big fan of the lavender/bergamot-infused Sonoma sugar scrub for $30. View all three sugar scrubs on the Wine Country Botanicals website. Body washes, lotions and other products are also available.


Cool Gift Ideas: Best Wine Gifts 2017

wine corks in vase
Photo courtesy of Stylist Spoon.

Cork Collecting Vases ($24.99-$34.99)

Cork collecting is an easy way to preserve memories of great times and great wines. A recycled clear Barcelona vase from Spain adds texture and a unique shape, so you can be confident your gift will stand out and perfectly showcase your recipient’s prized cork collection.

The Durand, wine corkscrew for old wines
The Durand has quickly become the go-to wine opener for old wines. Photo courtesy of The Durand.

The Durand ($125)

With items like The Durand, nobody has to ask what it refers to, because this instrument is renowned for taking out old or fragile corks without damaging them. There’s more than likely a wine aficionado in your life who has been wanting one of these and putting it off, so now is your perfect opportunity.

Star Wars wine decanter with Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon
The Star Wars Stormtrooper wine decanter holds one bottle of Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon, a fan favorite.

Stormtrooper Decanter ($31)

The Star Wars fan in your life may have several pieces of movie-related merchandise, but they probably don’t have this. A Stormtrooper glass decanter holds a standard 750mL bottle of your favorite wine to marry practicality with a fun pop culture statement. This cool wine gift pairs well with Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon and the winery’s “Cab Wars” parody video.

Wolfum serving tray, modern beverage try
The right serving tray elevates any home entertaining occasion.  Photo courtesy of Wolfum.

Wolfum Serving Tray for Dinner Parties ($68)

The right serving tray can make you feel like the world’s most accomplished host or hostess. The Dorothy Serving Tray by Wolfum is made of Baltic birch and is hand painted in a range of rich, true colors like bold red, mustard, and charcoal, for a sophisticated look and feel. I’ve owned the above pictured serving tray for three years, and it’s both beautiful and durable.

Ralph Lauren Home Cocktail Shaker ($95)

Every wine lover needs a great cocktail now and then. It’s hard to go wrong with any item from the Ralph Lauren Home collection. The Wyatt Cocktail Shaker is no exception, with its fine stainless steel craftsmanship and trim in rich, brown, equestrian-inspired leather.

Wine Bottle Christmas Tree ($329.99)

No tree has more Christmas spirit than a tree designed to display 60 wine bottles. An outstanding idea for a group gift, the Wine Bottle Christmas Tree stands 53 inches tall and assembles in seconds.

Zalto Stemware ($354 for 6)

Face it: good wine is simply more enjoyable when it is presented in a gorgeous piece of stemware. The beautiful Zalto Denk’Art Universal Glass is mouth-blown, lead-free, and dishwasher safe, believe it or not.

Smith Hanks built-in wine cooler in kitchen island
A Smith Hanks built-in wine cooler. Photo courtesy of Smith Hanks.

Smith & Hanks Wine Fridge ($599 up)

The ultimate wine themed gift for the special person on your Christmas list is a cooler designed to hold their favorite beverage in perfect conditions. Available in a range of sizes, Smith & Hanks wine fridges work as a free-standing cabinet or as a built-in, plus the hinges are reversible, so it can open in the direction the user prefers.

Don’t be intimidated about finding the right gift for the wine lover in your life. Maybe you worry you don’t know enough about wine to choose well, but you can count on one of these gifts to be a big hit, and to make a lasting impression on the person receiving it.

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