Pickled Garden Vegetable Escabeche Recipe with Tips

When we decided to create the Jordan Estate Tour & Tasting, I began brainstorming tasty vegetarian recipe ideas. Because this new tour offers visitors an inside look at the 1,200-acre Jordan Estate and features farm-fresh foods grown on property, I wanted the menu to be a colorful snapshot of vegetables, fruits and herbs harvested fresh from the garden that morning. Enter the garden escabeche. This video offers some key tips on how to make vegetarian escabeche at home, particularly how to infuse a vinaigrette for the perfect pickling base.

Different renditions of escabeche can be found in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Latin America, and even Jamaica and Mexico. I’ve always been a fan of authentic taquerias that serve pickled vegetables as an appetizer in lieu of the typical chips and salsa, so I decided to take that concept and elevate the ingredients and cooking technique with a sophisticated recipe that would complement an elegant Chardonnay. I love these bright, crisp flavors and vibrant colors so much, I’ve even served escabeche at Jordan’s Halloween party.

View Garden Escabeche Recipe

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Growing up in Hawaii, Todd Knoll developed a strong connection to the land and the ocean at an early age. As executive chef at Jordan Winery, he grows hundreds of heirloom vegetables, fruits and herbs, cooks hors d’oeuvres and meals for guests, makes olive oil, and tends to the estate’s honeybees and chickens. A visual artist at heart, Chef Knoll spends his free time with his son and wife, Nitsa Knoll, exploring the diverse terrain of Sonoma County with camera and pencil in hand, capturing moments in nature to inspire his next recipe.

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