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chardonnay wine glass and honey beehives

Napa and Sonoma Honey: Wineries that Also Make the Fruit of the Hive

Bees are a farmer’s best friend, pollinating plants that produce flowers and fruit. Although bees aren’t necessary to pollinate grapevines, they play a major role in the… Continue Reading


What’s New in Healdsburg Restaurants, Hotels, Wine & Food 2018

New York City has nothing on Healdsburg. Sure, the Big Apple is about 2,000 times the size of our little town, but Healdsburg has new restaurants and… Continue Reading

Jordan Winery Chateau Aerial Photo, Sonoma Winery Castles

The Most Beautiful Napa and Sonoma Winery Castles

In Northern California wine country, many gorgeous tasting rooms dot the land but to really amp up the wow factor, Napa and Sonoma winery castles are the… Continue Reading

cheese plate overhead with Gloria Ferrer sparkling wine

Nine Sonoma Valley Wineries with Fantastic Cheese Pairings

A short drive north from San Francisco introduces the tranquil wine region of Sonoma Valley — not to be confused with Sonoma County or Sonoma, the town.… Continue Reading

Flanagan Winery Sonoma Wineries Cheese Pairing Wine Tasting

Top Dry Creek Wineries for Wine and Cheese Pairings

While wine and cheese, on their own, are two of life’s greatest pleasures, married, these culinary components form a perfect union. The luscious creaminess of cheese juxtaposed… Continue Reading

Floral arrangement idea, rustic summer centerpiece with roses, scabiosa, white stock

Create Elegant Summer Centerpieces for Your Table

Elegant summer centerpieces make any indoor or outdoor dining occasion more memorable. At Jordan, we enjoy weaving foraged as well as sourced flowers and plants into our… Continue Reading

ahi poke bowl recipe ideas

Reinvent Authentic Hawaiian Poke with these Delicious Tuna Poke Bowl Recipes

The ubiquitous Hawaiian dish, poke, blends fresh cubed fish with layers of rich, savory flavors for a delicious, healthy bite. Growing up in Hawaii, I ate ahi… Continue Reading

Grilled fennel sprinkled with fennel pollen

How to Use Fennel: Go Wild in Cooking

Every year, leafy plants as tall as NBA players sprout up throughout Sonoma County wine country, spreading yellow flower “dust” from their crowns along fence lines and… Continue Reading

Chardonnay Cheese Pairing Tips Cheeseboard

Chardonnay Cheese Pairing Tips: Selecting the Best Cheeses for the Queen of White Wines

Summer is upon us, which means our glasses will be filled with white wine much of the time. It also means our tables and picnic baskets will… Continue Reading

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