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Unusual Salad Greens: Bringing Health and Crunch to Your Table

Until the mid-1980s, America’s salad greens were pretty much limited to two options: iceberg and romaine. This lack of choice led to decades of uninspired salads, defined… Continue Reading

"Pimm's Cup" cocktail with edible flower and cucumber from Geyserville Gun Club

Best Summer Cocktails to Sip at Healdsburg Restaurants and Bars

Healdsburg is a charmingly quaint wine country hamlet with uptown taste, and the craft cocktail scene has quickly risen to the ranks of its restaurants and wineries.… Continue Reading

photo collage of new healdsburg winery, restaurant menu, egg breakfast plate and new construction site

What’s New in Healdsburg Restaurants, Hotels, Wine & Food 2020

Before the pandemic, the local newspaper in the quaint town of Healdsburg could have hired a full-time news reporter just to cover the openings of every restaurant,… Continue Reading

collage of sonoma county healdsburg restaurants that offer lunch

Finding the Best Lunch in Healdsburg

In the foodie haven of Healdsburg, deciding where to eat a delicious dinner is no easy feat with dozens of restaurants to choose from. Lunch is another… Continue Reading

Jordan Winery Hangar Steak with Asparagus Salad on plate

Meals That Go with Red Wine: Steak & Cabernet Sauvignon

We all know the adage “red wine with red meat.” There’s nothing quite as decadent, or easily paired, as a succulent steak with a glass of your… Continue Reading

jordan winery baked alaska dessert recipe on plate

Five Steps to a Perfect Baked Alaska Dessert

A successful baked dessert awakens the inner child, a welcome touch of nostalgia and comfort to conclude a formal meal. It is the element of surprise from… Continue Reading

jordan winery photo collage of wine friendly snack recipes

Pairing Easy Snacks with Wine

Sometimes, after a long day of work, all I want to do is kick back on the couch with a glass of wine and some quick sustenance.… Continue Reading

Grilled Japanese Eggplant on plate

Master How to Grill Eggplant (Video)

Legendary botanist Luther Burbank once said that Sonoma County is the “chosen spot of all this earth” to grow fruits and vegetables. At Jordan Winery, we know… Continue Reading

2020-6 No Text Overlay_Jordan Winery Reopening Outdoor Experiences Sonoma County

Top Sonoma Winery Picnic Experiences

During wine country life before COVID-19, we’d seek out wineries with picnic grounds to bring our own lunch basket spread to a winery, order a bottle of… Continue Reading