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man standing in a field with a fire in front of him

Five Types of Grills and Smokers: Chef’s Choices

The invention of the backyard grill paved the way for a fascinating evolution of live-fire cooking tools since the midcentury. We use many types of grills and… Continue Reading

meat grilling on a open fire

Best Fuels for BBQ and Grilling

Flames cook our food, but it’s the fuel that brings the most flavor. In this article, I explore the best fuels for BBQ and grilling—from both natural… Continue Reading

Hand touching meat on a grill with a glass of red wine in the other hand

Wine Pairing with BBQ and Grilled Foods

Grilling has the amazing ability to bring food and wine closer together. Along with transforming simple ingredients through char, smoke and caramelization, the cooking method also impacts… Continue Reading

Green vegetables on a grill being brushed with oil

Unique Grilling Ideas: Veggies, Fruit and Other Surprises

What is it about grilling that makes food taste so good? Is it the unique magic that smoke imparts? The fun of communal cooking with friends and… Continue Reading

Grilled Japanese Eggplant on plate

Master How to Grill Eggplant (Video)

Legendary botanist Luther Burbank once said that Sonoma County is the “chosen spot of all this earth” to grow fruits and vegetables. At Jordan Winery, we know… Continue Reading

close up of fava beans on the grill

Three Unexpected Grilled Vegetable Ideas for Summer

Tired of firing up the grill and reaching for corn on the cob as your staple side dish? Here are three unexpected vegetables that are delicious when… Continue Reading

collage of photos including restaurant, food, cocktails and people

What’s New in Healdsburg Restaurants, Hotels, Wine & Food 2024

One of the most exciting things about Healdsburg is that it’s constantly evolving. Every year, new restaurants, bars and boutiques pop up in the compact downtown area,… Continue Reading

bottles of cabernet on restaurant table with cuts of steak

Tips and Tricks for How to Read a Wine List

For those of us who live and work in Wine Country, reading a wine list often feels like digging into a suspense novel. We pour over every… Continue Reading

tiered tray of culinary bites for wine featured lemon tarts and olive oil

Best Sonoma Wineries with a Food and Wine Pairing

One walk through a Wine Country farmers market, and you’ll know why chefs and foodies from across the world have put down roots in Sonoma County. Every… Continue Reading

Modern glass building on hilltop overlooking vineyards

Best Wineries with a View Near Healdsburg

Winemakers preach about the glories of pairing wine with food, but can we agree that pairing wine with a view is equally essential for an epic wine… Continue Reading